For a limited period we will feature selected products from friends of Wackerhaus.
First up is Danish jewelry designer Charlotte Mielko //Products available from October till December 2015.

In 1998 the Danish designer Charlotte Mielko created a jewellery piece and named it The Saturn Ring. Today it has become a modern classic for creative minds and is being worn by several well-known designers and artists.

Besides working as a stylist and freelance writer in the fashion and lifestyle industry in Denmark and Sweden, Charlotte Mieko six years ago decided to spend more time developing her jewellery line, meaning launch of new jewellery items every year. 
The look is simple, cool and classic with a twist of Rock ‘n’ Roll and the jewellery itself are made in Denmark and out of the tastiest massive materials. The Saturn Ring is available in two ring widths. The narrow version called Saturn Light is 4 mm narrower compared to the original, and this fall Mielko has launched her latest designs; new bracelets. The bracelets are available in three sizes. The rings are available in matt/shiny look with matte inner ring, but can also be ordered shiny/shiny. 

If you have specific request, please send her an email ( If the item ordered is out of stock, delivery time will be three weeks.
The ring is measured just under the ring line below and if you usually wear narrow rings it’s normal to wear one size bigger for The Saturn ring. Standard sizes range from 50-60.

The jewellery will be delivered in a nice Indian blue packaging with logo in antique gold.

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